Crew Messages: Lopé


This is sergeant Lopé

This will be my final covenant status report before entering hypersleep

A six person squad may not be sufficient on a mission with so many variables

That said… We’ll keep these people safe.


This interesting surname is almost certainly of Roman (Latin) origins. A derivative of Latin for Wolf “lupus” and the 5th-century a.d. “Lobo” it suggests it could be a tribal form of endearment. The popularity of the surname could be because of its association with a tribe or clan. Early civilised peoples considered it an honour to be named as such. The wolf was highly regarded for its cunning and its bravery.

Perhaps David’s reference to the colonists being a flock of lambs and Orams reference to the crew as being his flock of sheep, it wouldn’t be much of a leap to say that Lopé ended up being a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Since the Facehugger had infected him before he boarded the covenant, placing the “wolf” inside him which would later burst out.

Go Pro Footage

Crew Message - Lopé giphy

The footage shows the security team coming under attack from the Neomorphs.