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Clara Fei-Fei/ @muthur9000 : Hi Bryce, thanks for being a part of our Fan Creatives series on Yutani Blog. Could you tell me which movie introduced you to the Alien Universe?

Bryce Matthews: Definitely Aliens! I was around 10 at the time when Aliens was on TV and was blown away. Being a 10-year-old boy, it has everything I wanted; guns, monsters and Sigourney Weaver. My dad is a huge fan of the Alien (and Predator) films so I just got on board after I saw he had the original 4 on VHS.

CF: Who is your fav character in the Alien Universe?

BM: Hudson without a doubt. For his obvious one-liners and the fact that he’s completely relatable as an audience member. Can’t go wrong with Bill Paxton.

CF: Why do you cosplay? Do you like to get into character when cosplaying?

BM: Growing up I had a huge collection of action figures and collectables from the Alien franchise. Last year I decided that I wanted to try and create a replica of one of the costumes from the films. It was more of a hobby that turned into Cosplay when my local Comic-Con came around.

CF: Have you cosplayed long? What was your first Cosplay?

BM: It was my first Cosplay actually! It was… interesting. Going in with no knowledge of where to start or how to make a lot of things resulted in a bunch of trial and error. Thankfully I had a lot of help from the guys over at The RPF and the Alien: Covenant Costume group on Facebook.

CF: How do you feel about this cosplay, what was different about this one compared to past ones?

BM: I was really happy with how it turned out after I had so many issues tracking things down or making items, but it was worth it for the end result.

CF: What aspects do you like about the costume? What part is your favourite?

BM: The fact that it was pretty casual with a military twist on it was really appealing to me when I first started it I thought it was going to be relatively easy but also fun to put together. My favourite part of it would have to be the boots, even though they were a ready-made item, I just found them damn cool. They were a nightmare to walk in though.

CF: What was the hardest piece to acquire or create?

BM: The German Quilted Parka Liner. Not only was it an issued surplus item, but it also required a graphics to be printed on the sleeve. It was a type of ripstop fabric so incredibly difficult to do anything with. I tried iron transfer, fabric paint, vinyl decals but nothing would stick to it. I ended up actually sourcing a bloke here in Melbourne who worked from home that screen printed on it which turned out amazing.

CF: How long did it take you to put this one together?

BM: Overall it took me close to 10 months on and off. Waiting for items in the mail and general budgeting for it.

CF: How comfortable or heavy is it? What is the range of movement like?

BM: It was pretty comfortable as it’s just general wear minus the military vest. It had about 6 layers to it which gave it a decent weight. The range of movement was fine except for the boots, they’re motocross boots so definitely not made to be walking around Cons for a long time!

CF: What was the most expensive part of your costume?

BM: The belt. Well, it wasn’t actually a belt. It was a combination of a Martin-Baker ejection seat restraint (which was crazy expensive as is), a standard military belt, clothing labels purchased from one of the guys off The RPF and then I needed a leather stamp of the Weyland-Yutani logo which was custom made off ETSY and not cheap either. But it looked screen accurate when it was done so I was happy.

CF: So did you like the movie? (alien covenant) What was your favourite part?

BM: I loved the majority of it. I ended up seeing it 4 times at the cinema and have probably seen it about 9 times altogether now. The whole infection/Neomorph back bursting scene, personally I think it’s one of the greatest sequences in the whole franchise. How it plays out so quickly and crazy was great.

CF: If there was anything you could change about it what would it be?

BM: Having Shaw still a main or even supporting character would have been nice as she was so important in Prometheus. And the biology of the Xenomorph lifecycle, I understand that David was experimenting with the all that but the chestburster gestation and the design of the chestburster seemed really off to me.

CF: What do you think about the alien fandom?

BM: Being a sub on r/LV426, Aliens Legacy and a bunch of other online forums and seeing people from all over the world with different ages and backgrounds to why they love the franchise is really something.

CF: If there’s anything you could change about the fandom what would it be?

BM: After all the help from the community after putting my Cosplay together, I don’t think I’d change a thing.

CF: Will you be doing anything special for the 40th anniversary of alien next year?

BM: Hopefully, the Astor Theatre here in Melbourne will show Alien & Aliens back to back, I never pass up the opportunity to see them on the big screen again. But if not, I’ll be binge-watching all the films with my dad.

CF: What costumes alien or other would you like to do in future?

BM: Hicks from Aliens. I’ve always loved the design of the Pulse Rifle and Hicks would be an obvious choice to helm it. I’ve started putting some things together already, hopefully, it’ll be ready for the next Con!

Thank you so much for the questions Clara, I had a blast answering them.

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