Title for new Alien game revealed


The alien fandom is a buzz with news of the names Alien: Blackout being trademarked as of 22nd of November, by 20th Century Fox. But as early as September 28th they started reserving social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The description covers as follows:

Computer game discs; software, namely, game software, computer game and video game software, downloadable computer game software, downloadable mobile application software used for playing electronic games and streaming audiovisual and multimedia content in the fields of games and entertainment, interactive game software, and downloadable software used for playing electronic games and streaming audiovisual and multimedia content regarding science-fiction, action, adventure, drama, and music; downloadable software featuring entertainment information regarding science-fiction, action, adventure, drama, and music.

Providing on-line computer games; providing electronic games services by means of the internet; entertainment services, namely, providing interactive online computer games utilizing communication networks, including global communication networks.

Global Brand Database,
017988931 – ALIEN: BLACKOUT Section 511

Just days ago Hideo Kojima had tweeted he’d been at 20th Century Fox checking out Alien.

In July I asked Matt Highison of Cold Iron Studios if there was any word on the new Alien game, he said

Sooo many words! But alas, I can’t share quite yet.
(Besides, it’s dangerous to be too curious…)

Matt Highison, Cold Iron Studios July 1st 2018

The closest date for the game announcement has been speculated to be the 7 December 2018, 12:30 pm AEDT at The Game Awards 2019.

This article was originally reported by WCF Tech and thank you to Fiendishly Inventive on the Yutani Discord for the story.

You can follow Alien Blackout on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Alien_Blackout-1835749703139051/ Twitter https://twitter.com/AlienBlackout and https://twitter.com/alien_blackout or on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/alien_blackout/ and https://www.instagram.com/alienblackout/

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