Crew Message: Oram



The majesty of creation lies before us now

Daniels: Careful okay?

Oram: Yeah yeah

Ours to discover

We shall behold wonders

Here to fore unimagined


Χριστοφορος (Christophoros) meaning “bearing CHRIST

Χριστος (Christos) + φερω (phero)”to bear, to carry”

In the Middle Ages, literal interpretations of the name’s etymology led to legends about a Saint Christopher who carried the young Jesus across a river. He has come to be regarded as the patron saint of travellers. – Behind the Name

The symbolism of Oram being the one to carry on the mission on Branson and the Company’s behalf, also being a Christian carrying Christ in his heart across the galaxy. And then carrying a chestburster, bearing David’s progeny the Xenomorph.

Oram is from an Old Norse particularly in the northern England, areas heavily settled by Scandinavian invaders. The modern surname is derivative of “Ormr”, in Old Danish/Old Swedish is “Orm” meaning snake, serpent or dragon.

It is interesting to note that there is a link between Norse Mythology and the Pathogen known to them as Eitr.

The pre-7th Century equivalent being “wyrm”,  Anglo-Saxon and Norse baptismal names were distinctive compounds whose elements were often associated with the Gods of Fire, Water and War. Considering the Engineers are referred to as the Furious Gods and being associated with Fire is nothing new.

The personal name was recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as “Orm” in Yorkshire, I would consider this a thoughtful link to the name Daniels as well because of The Book of Daniel in the Bible is about the end of days.

Oram’s Character Evolution

In relation to the snake/serpent meaning, Oram was originally written as a much more unlikable, cold, and arrogant character. Actor Billy Crudup decided to make Oram a little more human – a man who feels his faith is constantly tested and that he is not appreciated by his crew; and yet he is given a tremendous amount of responsibility with high risk in a very short time:

“Oram is a complicated person, He’s a very serious person, He doesn’t have the best sense of humor. And I think Katherine and her husband are secularists and they’re adventurous…these people are pioneers. Some [explore] with a religious fervor, some do it for the joy of exploring, some people do it out of curiosity to discover more about themselves and the universe.”

“When I first auditioned for this, the script that I read, he was sort of an antagonist, And I was like, ‘Well, I’m not so interested in playing him like that.’ I’d rather play him as someone who really thinks he’s doing a great job, and he’s so focused on that that he’s doing a horrible job of socializing and a horrible job of leading, but it’s not because he’s a shitty guy and it’s not because he’s nefarious or something.”  – Billy Crudup

Oram sees the colonization mission as an act of providence, and his poem recited in this log (and his presentation in general) is starkly contrasted with other crew logs. He sits straight up, ready with his written words guiding him on his journey through life. Daniels, T, and Rosie all have very personal entries and are much more relaxed. Oram is tense, and prepared for a journey that will ultimately test and solidify his faith. He has found purpose, and he continues to work for that purpose and no one understands him.

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