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Currently, there is a $1.75 Billion lawsuit against Disney/Fox for backing out of the construction and completion of the theme park Fox World; which was slated to be finished at the end of 2018 originally, then pushed to January 2019.

Genting Resort have said it was due to Fox not approving of designs for rides or for the use of film clips.

In a closed facebook group, some photos have already been shared of what works have been done in regards to the Alien attractions.

You can see the images for yourself if you head to the AVP Galaxy Forums https://www.avpgalaxy.net/2018/09/13/20th-century-fox-world-malaysia-construction-update-for-alien-predator-attractions/

I am rather upset at the situation, I am was originally planning to travel there and have a look for myself. 

What’s interesting is this article which has been published by The Hollywood Reporter, which details the issues during construction.

Fox World future in limbo – https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/fox-disney-hit-175-billion-suit-backing-away-malaysian-theme-park-deal-1163900

A quote from the article says:

James Murdoch, for instance, is said to have “disapproved of the business fundamentals of Fox World, with Mr. Murdoch commenting to others within Fox that he preferred to invest in and operate Fox-owned parks rather than license Fox IP to third-party theme park owners. Moreover, allowing an entity such as GENM, over which 21CF would have no control, to own and operate a theme park called ‘Fox World’ would have been inconsistent with 21CF’s business plans to rebrand the company using the name ‘FOX’ after the merger.”

Fox, Disney Hit With $1.75 Billion Suit for Backing Away From Malaysian Theme Park

You can see for yourself here the current works on the Fox World at Themepark Updates – http://www.themeparx.com/20th-century-fox-world-malaysia/

There’s already information about the Fox Studio Store, while I know some parts of the park are already opened and operating. Wording on the website leads me to believe this is already open.

Spanning 3,000 sq ft of retail space, this specialty store is set to send movie buffs on an exhilarating experience into the enchanting cinematic realm of Fox World. 
The store offers close to 700 themed collectibles from some of the most-loved 20th Century Fox movies, including Ice Age, Night at the Museum, Planet of the Apes, Rio, Alien vs. Predator, Robots, Epic and more. 
Get your very own official memorabilia today! 

Fox Store, Resort World Genting

Fox Studio Store – https://www.rwgenting.com/shopping/sky-avenue/Fox-World-Studio-Store/

Official Resort Website for Fox World – 

Since the lawsuit there hasn’t been any changes made as yet to the official website, but then again they haven’t updated it to reflect the change in opening date as January 2019 either.

So everyone was in a flurry the other day when Hideo Kojima has tweeted he was at Fox Studios, specifically checking out Alien.

Needless to say the Alien and fans of Kojima’s work went wild with the possibility he could be working on an Alien Game.

Hideo Kojima Visits Fox/Alien – https://twitter.com/HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN/status/1064796461034962945

What is interesting is that The Game Awards had also commented on his viral tweet that World Will Change, this I assume is because of the promotional tag line they are using to promote The Game Awards which is upcoming on December 7th.

The Game Awards – https://thegameawards.com/

In the past, Hideo Kojima had announced Death Stranding at The Game Awards in 2017, and it is highly interesting and suspicious he had tweeted that he was visiting Fox. In the past he had also tweeted before working on a game, but it may also been because he worked there at the time.

For those who don’t know who Hideo Kojima is I have given a link to his wiki page and to his Death Stranding trailer announcement at 2017’s Game Awards.

Hideo Kojima – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hideo_Kojima

Death Stranding – https://youtu.be/qPL_E-TEtL8

As you all should know by now Cold Iron Studios are working on an Alien game, and to my knowledge, it is a shooter. But I am not sure if the teased gameplay reported by THR was the same as the location-based Alien: Decent. All I know is that if this is a different game to be announced soon as a multiplayer VR game, it will change the world of gaming.

Fox Developing ‘Alien’ Multiplayer VR Game – https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/behind-screen/fox-developing-alien-multiplayer-vr-game-launches-foxnext-destinations-1005308

Alien Descent: https://www.aliendescent.com/

According to Upload VR this news of a multiplayer Alien game could drop sometime next week.

A New Alien VR Game Could Be Announced Next Week – https://uploadvr.com/a-new-alien-vr-game-could-be-announced-next-week/

Back to what Cold Iron Studios are working on, could this be it? I mean VR is great, but not accessible to the masses. A VR headset can set you back a lot of money, especially for a good one. And some people don’t have space at home to play games in VR, I have seen a lot of videos of people getting hurt in their own home.

Cold Iron Studios working on Alien Shooter – https://yutani.studio/2018/10/27/cold-iron-studios-job-posting/

In related news, Creative Assembly isn’t working on a sequel to Alien Isolation, despite the Alien Isolation section of their website being inaccessible earlier this year. I had contacted them for an interview but they said they are busy at this time to spare anyone for discussion.

Creative Assembly are not working on a sequel to Alien Isolation – https://www.kotaku.com.au/2017/04/no-creative-assembly-isnt-working-on-an-alien-isolation-sequel/

But the sequel will be coming for Alien: Isolation, just not in the way you think. Aliens: Resistance will see Amanda Ripley team up with Zula Hendricks from Aliens: Defiance to fight the company and the Xenomorph.

Aliens: Resistance Jan 23rd will be the sequel to both Aliens Defiance and Alien: Isolation – https://www.darkhorse.com/Comics/3004-092/Aliens-Resistance-1

Art released by Tristan Jones (T-Rex) has already shown us the style and aesthetic they are going for. My delayed interview with Tristan finally has a due date, he said that January would be perfect to catch up. So hopefully, pending any other future commitments, he may have. We will have an interesting podcast for you!

Exclusive Interview with T-Rex, pending other commitments – https://twitter.com/StudioYutani/status/1067222442030944256

But we do have some definite news, Alien: Blackout has been trademarked and a lot of social media accounts had been set up as early as September with the same name. In the Trademark license, it specifies a lot of mediums which the new Alien game could take form in. I have included a link the blog post in regards to what that covers.

Alien: Blackout is possible Alien Game name – https://yutani.studio/2018/11/25/title-for-new-alien-game-revealed/

And an update on the Tongal Fan Film Competition, there’s 2 days to go on the short films being evaluated. Then there’s a few months of revisions being made before they will be released to the public in time for Alien Day.

Tongal Alien Fan Film Comp – https://tongal.com/project/Alien/#/tab-brief

The comic series Dust to Dust by Gabriel Hardman has again been pushed back with dates being January for the 4th and final in the series to be released with the trade paperback following closely behind on April 3rd.

If you’d like to keep up to date with Alien and Predator comic news you can join Aliens Gateway Station on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/513522789009479/

I have also shared the dates on the Yutani Blog calendar and I keep it updated.

Aliens Dust to Dust #4 and Trade Paperback dates pushed again – https://www.facebook.com/events/2248641552088855/ https://www.facebook.com/events/440933116404011/

The only things we are certain of so far and are on track for release next year is Alien Echo by Mira Grant.

Alien: Echo April 9th – https://yutani.studio/2018/09/26/alien-echo-by-mira-grant-due-april-2019/

And the release of the Alien Isolation Book by Keith RA DeCandido which he announced at Dragon Con

Coming January 2019, Alien Isolation: https://twitter.com/KRADeC/status/1035649125323350018

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