Blog Updates for 1st Dec

Welcome to new followers of the blog and podcast, there’s been a number of changes to our social media, Patreon and discord.

Apologies for the slight delay of our Livestream as I have just gotten my voice back, but I had already done a very long and detailed Alien News Update the other day so there’s only the monthly Patreon prize draw to be done.

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Here’s a list of posts from the past month:

  1. Crew Message: Rosenthal
  2. Westworld Minisodes – The Chestnut – Episode 20 – Yutani Podcast
  3. News: Westworld Set Burns
  4. Crew Messages: Lopé
  5. RIP Douglas Rain, HAL 9000
  6. Fan Creatives: Bryce Matthews, Cosplayer
  7. We’ve reached 2,000 likes on facebook!
  8. Interview: Brad Tucker, Consultant Astrophysicist for Alien: Covenant
  9. Rosenthal and Ophelia
  10. Hideo Kojima visits 20th Century Fox
  11. Tristan Jones work on Aliens: Resistance
  12. Special Giveaway!
  13. Title for new Alien game revealed
  14. Crew Message: Oram
  15. More concept art revealed from The Predator
  16. NASA: InSight on Mars
  17. Yutani News YouTube Livestream
  18. Yutani Social Media Update
  19. Fan Creatives: Nick Whitcomb, Hybrid Network Entertainment – Episode 21 – Yutani Podcast