Welcome Tumblr friends

Because of the Tumblr purge, I contacted a select few of those I know. Bloggers, content creators and such with the intention of offering them a home here at Studio Yutani.

As you may have noticed there have been a few changes in the menu system.

Now YUTANI.BLOG is STUDIO YUTANI and contained within the new drop-down menu is the category YUTANI.BLOGS.

I would like to welcome aboard @wilikerdinkles Blade Runner Fanatic, Gothic Fiction In Space, Hammerpede Time and @uscssprometheus Paradise Lost.

There may be a few more that join over the coming days, I have given them all free reign to blog what they like. So their posts may not reflect the overarching theme of this site, but please make them welcome and peruse at your leisure.

Tumblr friends you can always come home to muthur.