Yutani.blog has moved: Tumblr Censorship


Due to impending Tumblr censorship, we have moved to https://yutani.studio | with just queued content for the next 2 months, then just connected posting via wordpress.

Not that we are an adult content blog, but some of our posts which discuss sexual themes which are present in the Alien Universe amongst other things may be deemed bannable content. We often post artistic comparisons to Alien movies, some of which contain nudity or contain graphic gore. If you want to familiarise yourself with what’s been happening you can head over to:

Instead of saving kids from porn, it harms artists and marginalized communities seeking to express themselves. There is no easy way to moderate the internet — carving out a specific form of expression cannot be done, and certainly not with an algorithm that is programmed by people to behave like a person might.
We’ve seen this failure of automated online moderation before. Facebook relied on algorithms and became prey to foreign actors. London’s Metropolitan Police attempted to create an algorithm that would find illegal nudes, which instead kept returning images of sand dunes.
Tumblr, meanwhile, has never been particularly gifted at coding its own website. It has had so many flaws that regular users rely on browser add-ons like XKit, which fixes a wide range of annoyances including broken communication functions and whitelisting or blacklisting controversial subjects via Tumblr’s tag system. Its iOS app, before being removed from the Apple store due to child pornography concerns, was notable for being incapable of actually loading the images users share — you know the entire point of the platform.
It’s repeatedly struggled to deal with that pernicious child porn problem and a Nazi problem using algorithms. It’s regularly banned popular (and crucial) tags like “lesbian,” “trans,” and “LBGTQ” in an effort to stop harmful content while leaving up “necrophilia.” How on Earth could it be expected to properly flag a “female-presenting nipple” by simply seeing an image? Fools.

Tumblr’s Porn Ban Is Off To A Predictably Stupid Start

I am all for automation and responsible use of algorithms, but removing the human filter has always proven to be problematic. Do us a favour Tumblr and hire some people to fix this issue, whether it is a coder or an actual human content reviewer.

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