A Blade Runner Anime Series Is In The Works


This information is sourced from a Variety article.

Alcon Entertainment, Adult Swim, and Crunchyroll have decided to partner up to work on a Blade Runner anime series. The series is going to be called “Blade Runner Black Lotus” and will consist of 13 episodes. The only information that has been given is that the series will be in set in the year 2032 and will feature established characters from the Blade Runner universe. And although that isn’t much to go on, I have an idea of what the show will be about.

If you’ve seen the anime short “Black Out 2022,” you probably remember that at the end of the short, there was a huge explosion which led to the black out and the city falling apart. We also see some text that states “The blackout, which led to the prohibition of the replicants production, sealed the fate of the Tyrell Corporation.” Which means that the series will most likely be about the city being built somewhere else and the Wallace Corporation taking over Tyrell’s assets. As well as the company trying to win approval from the magistrate sector to manufacture a new breed of replicants. Which we see in “2036: Nexas Dawn.”

But of course this all just speculation. We won’t know until the series comes out. But if it turns out that all I said is true, just remember that you heard it here first folks. Unless of course you already came to this conclusion, in which disregard that last sentence. Anyway, if you want to learn more then just click here.