Roundtable Livestream 16th Dec 2018

@muthur9000 @officerjoek9 Hyperdyne120A2 (Michael Scuderi) and Project ACHERON(Maitland Eaves) will be streaming live at 10am AEST.

Our guests today are:

@muthur9000 Muthur @officerjoek9 Regular joe

Maitland Eaves/ Project ACHERON on YouTube

ASH A Fanfiction Comic on Facebook

Q And A From The Audience

Alien 3 Concept by H.R.Giger
  • We are all fans of Rogue One
  • What aesthetic should the future of Alien Movies should follow? I think a good balance of different elements makes for a good story. Alien Bible Eternal Return and The Drinking Bird

Tech Breakthroughs of 2018

A 2018 A Retrospective

Winner of the signed Gary Lockwood Photo
Winner of the NECA Alien Queen

Thank you to everyone that tuned in, see you next year!