Get Your Own Blade Runner ID Cards Here


Hey everyone, I brought over a post from Tumblr about the Deckard ID Card I made. This post will show you how to make your own card and includes all the stuff you will need. So this all begin when I wanted to make my own ID card like the one that Deckard had. I was able to find one that someone made and posted to the prop summit forums. Unfortunately the website is no longer accessible so I can’t you show you it. Regardless, I wasn’t able to download it and I didn’t find another version that had a front and back. So I decided to make one instead. I based the back of the card on the prop summit version and the front on a different version which you can find here. If you want one with your name and picture I’ve linked the images you’ll needs over here. Front, back, and picture.

For the picture, you can either crop your picture until you get the same size, or you can use what ever kind of photo editing program/website your use to to layer your picture over it. In my case, I used to make this. I also have an example of what size and font to use right here. If the program/website your using has the same font then go ahead and use yours. If not, then you can use befunky. As for the signature on the back, I used a website called which you can find right here. If you want to use the same font and color that I used, read the steps below. Otherwise just read the first sentence and go from there.

When you get on the website, select “Create using our step by step wizard.” Add your name and then choose “Font 51-60.“ Select font 57 and choose any size between 6-10. Then choose slope 1, click continue, and enter #1E5064 in the box where it says #000000. Leave the other box as is, click “Next step,” and download it. If your using befunky go to where it says “Image Manager” which is at the very top of the tool bar that’s on the left. Click “Computer“ and you can select the image of the signature that you just made.

If you guys have any questions feel free to message me. Oh and congratulations, you are now an honorary Blade Runner. Please proceed to the armory where you will be given a blaster.

Credit for the Tyrell Corporation Logo goes to Vipervator who also made one of the Weyland logos that I used for an Alien Day postcard. Please go check out his work. He does everything from fictitious company logos to blueprints of starships.