The Secret History of Weyland Yutani


On the 21st of December, some teaser segments started to come out through Alien Anthology’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Stay tuned for the rest of this six-part dossier exposing the secret history of Weyland-Yutani.

The following files contained information which could tip us off to the content we may be expecting.

Day 1: Arrived at the facility. Weyland-Yutani has poured massive resources into this orbital facility. I’ve come to investigate rumors about accidents in a secret research program.
#WeylandYutani #SciFi #AmandaRipley #StockingStuffer

Notice that they used the hashtag Amanda Ripley? There’s a comic expected in January which will merge the sequels for both Alien: Isolation and Aliens: Defiance, called Aliens: Resistance. You can also see the Dog Catchers, Weyland Yutani Commandos from Alien 3.

Day 2: The facility is hiding a terrible secret. Highly aggressive mega-parasites with corrosive blood. They’re breeding them, using them for research.
#WeylandYutani #SciFi #AmandaRipley#StockingStuffer #MegaParasites

What’s interesting here is they mention ‘Mega Parasites’ and in the background you can see suspended in liquid (much like Ripley in Alien: Resurrection) what looks like an Alien Queen.

Day 3: Breeding program is a house of horrors. They’re torturing and killing people, using them as hosts for the larvae. Where did these people come from?
#WeylandYutani #SciFi #AmandaRipley#StockingStuffer #Larvae

There seems to be a production line to create Xenomorphs, using abducted test subjects. The hashtag Larvae suggests the facehugger/chestburster phase or gestation.

Day 4: The experiments aren’t just in the lab. Company is sending the larvae somewhere. They’re using their own private military to move them.
#Xeno #WeylandYutani #SciFi #larvae

I had always had my suspicions that Weyland Yutani knowingly tested on humans, it was a theme visited in many of the comics, books and games. The only time we have seen experimentation in the movies was in Alien: Resurrection and that was done by USM, not Wey-yu. Either way, we now see the company has acquired the Xenomorph as a weapon and seemingly have it under control. For now.

Day 5: It’s worse than I thought. They are dropping these payloads on the planet below. What is the company’s aim?
#Infestation #Xeno #OfficialRecords #Colony #Nightmare #SciFi #WeylandYutani

This part seems very familiar, like we are seeing what Weyland Yutani did in Aliens: Dust to Dust. Could this be their own outpost colony or does it belong to the competition?

Day 6: It’s a nightmare. They have infested and destroyed the Weyland-Yutani colony below. Killing all of the facility’s personnel. We have to expose this. I know they’ll try to discredit me. Or worse.

Tell someone — before they do this to anyone else.
#SciFi #Breeding #Xeno #Monsters #TellSomeone #Aliens

It’s clear now they do test on their own colonies and people, this could have happened at Acheron/LV426 as well. Depending on whether you take the book ‘River of Pain’ as canon. But it looks like they are pulling all sorts of familiar themes and characters to make this Alien/Aliens mash up. Perhaps this could be a teaser in the lead up to the Alien: Blackout game? Let’s hope this clever piece of marketing pays off, whichever direction it may lead us.

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