A fond adieu to Shepperton: Nostromo Mania Fred nous ramène à Shepperton … il y a 40 ans. (Finale)

Thanks for bringing this series to my attention, it has been lovely following the making of Alien from H.R.Giger’s point of view.

The Nostromo Files


With typical flair, Nostromo Mania Fred makes a final post, closing out the “Retour a Shepperton…il y a 40 ans” project:

In a day and age where we second-guess with bootless speculations about what might be in the undocumented minds of the creatives who bring us Alien films, it is a wonderful thing to have things like the Giger diaries to give us definite insights into part of the process of creating ALIEN (1979).

It is with a touch of sadness that I bid this series adieu. For a time, I was transported back to the late Seventies, when I was a young science fiction fan and this movie was something new and unexplored. Thank you for that, Fred. That is magic…

But as you will see in Fred’s post, there is a hint of excitement to come from his imagination in 2019… and a…

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