Parallels: Daniels and Lawrence

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Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and Alien: Covenant (2017) Tragic loss for both Lawrence & Farraj and Daniels & Oram. Random fact: In the biopic of T. E. Lawrence, Michel(Michel de Carvalho) played Farraj, one of the First World War hero’s two teenage followers. ‘They offered me the choice of the two roles – one dies in quicksand, the other is blown up,’ ‘I said, ‘‘Which one lasts longer?’’ And they said the one that gets blown up by a detonator near the railway line. So  I took that one, because it paid more. ‘Now whenever I tell anyone I was in Lawrence Of Arabia they say, “Oh, were you the one who went down in the quicksand?” And no one can ever remember the other one.’ Now aged 68, he is still living out a male fantasy – as a financier with a £5.5 billion fortune and limitless supplies of beer(he and his wife inherited the £4 billion controlling stake in the Heineken empire.). He did it by deciding  to abandon acting on the set of the classic film so that he could enrol at Harvard University. #LawrenceofArabia #AlienCovenant #Heineken #HarvardUniversity #DavidLean #RidleyScott #Desert #Planet4 #Alien #ScienceFiction #Scifi #Space #Horror

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