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/Dictated but not read/BEGIN

This “greeting” was the brainchild of both my science division and my public relations office. On the one hand, it serves a legitimate scientific purpose in contacting these so-called “engineers,” as Shaw calls them, and preparing them for our arrival. The idea is that we will earn their respect when they see what cultural beauty and technological progress their human creations have achieved This way they won’t be so inclined just shoot us out of the sky. They’ll welcome us as their wayward children who’ve returned home. That’s the idea anyway.

On the other hand, it gives the Prometheus mission credibility and importance to our shareholders. And upon our eventual return to Earth, this transmission will serve as promotional content for whatever multimedia campaign Weyland Corp will engage in to begin recouping our investment while we study and exploit whatever knowledge or technology we bring back with us. Shaw and Holloway can waste their time enjoying the limelight and going to free dinners while we quietly aggressively use the assets collected on this mission to fuel any number of new projects, technology, products and research.

They’ll get book deals. We’ll make trillions. Changing the world.