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To say this moment was an important milestone in my life is an exaggeration. It was merely a photo op. A chance to remind the world that true visionaries are few and far between. Some might say that it was a marketing excercise. But if power is perception, then perception is marketing. Unfortunately, it’s a power often wielded by idiots with no ideas of their own. At least no good ones. But that’s a topic for another time. In this case, the marketing valueof this public appearance was a necessary evil. Weyland stock skyrocketed the next day and paved an effective cross-promotional path to the successful launch of my Mars colonisation program.

This will be the ladt archival clip I have time to watch before joining Prometheus, now on final approach to dock in geosynchronous orbit high above my office here on Mars. Most of the crew is already in cryo-stasis and FTL flight prep has begun. Only Meredith and David are active onboard. Within the hour, I will be taken by space elevator to Prometheus where I will indulge myself

with an overdue two year-long hypersleep holiday, enroute to the greatest achievement in a life filled with great achievements. For if I can repair and extend the life of any technologies I’ve created, then I expect my creator can do the same for me. Those who dismiss imortality as more of a curse than a blessing simply have nothing to offer.

I’m not ready to leave this life just yet. I have far more work to do.


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