Alien – Fashion Collaboration for the 40th Anniversary


This is an interesting way to immortalise the famous Ridleygrams which secured an additional investment by 20th Century Fox for Alien. Ridley’s work featuring on fashion items may not be for every fan of the franchise. Even though I am a fashion buff myself, I find these prices a little out of reach for me. Being in Australia the exchange rate is quite poor. Perhaps I could spring for a pocket square.

Paul Smith + Ridley Scott

Timed to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Alien, this new collaboration makes use of Scott’s original hand-drawn storyboards for the celebrated sci-fi masterpiece.

For this partnership, a typically colourful Paul Smith print has been created using Ridley Scott’s original hand-drawn storyboard sketches for Alien. These unique sketches represent the early drafts of ideas that would later become some of the most iconic moments in sci-fi film history.

The main focus of the capsule collection is a wool down-filled parka, featuring a special print lining that mixes Ridley Scott’s original Alien storyboard sketches with a colourful gradient overlay. The jacket is a warm and functional design that has been created in homage to the practical down jackets often worn by directors when filming in cold conditions. Only 50 jackets will be produced worldwide.

To sit alongside the parka, the capsule collection also includes a large scarf and a collectable silk pocket square, both with the same print design that makes use of original Alien storyboards. 

The collaboration comes 40 years after the cinematic release of Alien in 1979 and 50 years after Ridley Scott began his filmmaking career.

LIMITED EDITIONPaul Smith + Ridley Scott – Men’s Navy Down-Filled Parka With ‘Alien’ Storyboard Lining£1,400.00

LIMITED EDITIONPaul Smith + Ridley Scott – Multi-Colour ‘Alien’ Storyboard Scarf£150.00

LIMITED EDITIONPaul Smith + Ridley Scott – Men’s Multi-Colour ‘Alien’ Storyboard Silk Pocket Square£50.00

NEW SEASONMen’s White ‘Explorer’ Calf Leather Trainers£350.00

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