Blade Runner 2049 Roundtable – Studio Yutani on Twitch


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Via Movie Details Reddit

I think this is by far (and I don’t say that lightly), by far the best ending for an anime in terms of open interpretation and the emotional ride it leaves us on. We’re here 20 years later talking about the ending and what our opinions are. Now, did Spike survive? Well, we know from Ballad that he can take an absolute ass whipping, including gunshots and still survive. However, as much as my heart yearns for Spike to still be alive as he is my favorite character of any film work anime or otherwise, the ending is just too conclusive. Symbolism was done so beautifully in Cowboy Bebop and the first thing we see or hear is the song, followed by a constant panning of the camera upwards, ascending. Then the doves which symbolize heaven fly overhead and of course the lyrics of the song, “Life is just a dream you know it’s never ending. I’m ascending.” As the blue star (Spike) disappears and the black and white still frame of him laying on the ground appears. Yeah, he’s passed on to a better place, and it couldn’t have been done in a more classy and legacy-creating way.

coachcrain, Cowboy Bebop Reddit
  • Homage to Bud Yorkin in Blade Runner 2049
  • Elvis Priestly in Blade Runner 2049

Pierre Debras render via Arstation

Elvis Presley hologram – BLADE RUNNER 2049
During summer 2017 I had the chance to work on the awesome movie Blade Runner 2049 at BUF Compagnie. I was in the team that was in charge to model the face of Elvis Presley for the Holo Fun House scene. I had to create the good topology, get the right shape of the face and make all the details to make it look like the real Elvis. I was in a really great team with such great guys and together, we make this dude alive ! 
Hope you all enjoyed the movie !

Pierre Debras , Visual FX

In Blade Runner 2049 (2017), as Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” plays in the background, Deckard tells K “I like this song.” Later, Wallace suggests to Deckard that his infatuation with Rachel was by design.

duskhat, Movie Details Reddit

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