IM 80 (Coming soon) | Weyland Industries Featured Products The IM 80 (Igneous/Metamorphic) Rock Processor is designed to improve the quality of life on off-world colonies with adverse indigenous terrain. There are some interesting parallels to consider the relationship with Fire in Prometheus and its meaning and the constant references to Satan, The Underworld and David. EtymologyThe word "igneous" is derived from the Latin ignis, … Continue reading IM 80 (Coming soon) | Weyland Industries Featured Products

Aliens: Defiance Art on Sale!

Here is an amazing opportunity to buy some beautiful work from Tristan Jones, he's put some artist proofs from Aliens: Defiance up for sale. ALIENS: DEFIANCE #6 PAGE 4$75.00 I recently interviewed him for our Creatives Series on Yutani, listen to my podcast with him here. ALIENS: DEFIANCE #6 PAGE 5$135.00 He's currently doing some … Continue reading Aliens: Defiance Art on Sale!

Statues in Alien: Covenant

The Engineer Forum One of the things which stood out to me was the use of Statues upon tall pedestals circling the forum, at first I thought of the Roman influence. Then after doing some research I also found that Foro Italico was an example of Italian Fascist architecture instituted by Mussolini. This follows a design specification which … Continue reading Statues in Alien: Covenant

First Look Into The Blade Runner Comic

This information is sourced from a Entertainment Weekly and Comic Book article. Alcon Entertainment has once again announced that they are working on a new Blade Runner related project. This time they are working with Titan Publishing on a comic book series which will be called "Blade Runner 2019." It will be the 1st … Continue reading First Look Into The Blade Runner Comic

Prometheus-by-Minute 48

In which @traviandesigns is joined once again by Phil from the Matrix Minute to discuss visions of the Alien franchise, from the perspectives of Ridley Scott, Dan O’Bannon, Neil Blomkamp and the fandom. We also debate the values between innovation vs familiarity. Footnotes *Correction: We should have been saying “mummified”, not “fossilised! Where to find … Continue reading Prometheus-by-Minute 48