First Look Into The Blade Runner Comic

This information is sourced from a Entertainment Weekly and Comic Book article.

Alcon Entertainment has once again announced that they are working on a new Blade Runner related project. This time they are working with Titan Publishing on a comic book series which will be called “Blade Runner 2019.” It will be the 1st part in a series of comic books based around the Blade Runner universe. No date has been given yet but it is slated to come out this summer. It will feature a mostly new group of characters such as Ash, who is a female Blade Runner.

Also, it has been confirmed by Titan that artist Andre Guinaldo, who has previously worked on other comic books such as “Justice League Dark” and “Captain America” will be joining the team. Along with “Blade Runner 2049” screenwriter Michael Green and “Star Trek” comic book author Mike Johnson. Joining them will be David Leach who is an editor at Titan and Jeff Corner, Alcon’s director of publishing.

“I was 19 when I first saw Blade Runner,” said David. “And I left the the cinema dazed and stunned. Frankly, it blew my tiny little art school mind, so the opportunity to work on this new comic set in that same world is an absolute thrill and horror!”

“We are excited about exploring and expanding the Blade Runner universe,” said Jeff. “The 2019 setting provides a broad canvas for the creative team to present fresh stories and compelling characters.”

As of now this all we now so far about the project. Once the comic book comes out, then I will make an update. Personally though, I’m excited to see what the art style will look like and how they integrate the characters into the story of the the 1st film. I’m also interested in seeing how it compares to the comics that Marvel made. Plus, its just great to see that there are now 3 Blade Runner projects that are in the works. In the meantime though, if you want to the read the articles I sourced for this post click here and here.

This drawing was done by Andres Guinaldo.

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