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The IM 80 (Igneous/Metamorphic) Rock Processor is designed to improve the quality of life on off-world colonies with adverse indigenous terrain.

There are some interesting parallels to consider the relationship with Fire in Prometheus and its meaning and the constant references to Satan, The Underworld and David.

The word “igneous” is derived from the Latin ignis, meaning “of fire”. Volcanic rocks are named after Vulcan, the Roman name for the god of fire. Intrusive rocks are also called “plutonic” rocks, named after Pluto, the Roman god of the underworld.

Igneous Rock
Through high-powered mechanical disturbance and the introduction of proprietary enzymes, the IM 80 transforms inhospitable terra into fertile soil for use in agriculture and bio-replication.
It can be operated by a 4-person crew of Weyland planetary engineers or trained civilian contractors.
A prototype is currently undergoing practical trials on KOI-854.01 outside the heavy ore mining colony of Luther City.


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