Finally, it is being announced that 20th Century Fox in partnership with
Reverse Engineering Studios and DVgroup, have created a 7 part digital series for distribution exclusively through IGN. This is the much anticipated and speculated WATCH section of the #READPLAYWATCH marketing seen on Alien Anthology’s multitude of social media accounts. All the episodes will be available 9am PT

By taking the cutscenes from Alien: Isolation game and expanding on it through new animation experience adding to the story of Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda.

The aim was to bring into canon a much loved and revered game in the Alien Universe, bringing up to speed those who have not played the game and enrich the story which most Isolation gamers would be familiar with.

A number of brand-new scenes have been rendered from scratch with cinematics taken directly from the game, even though we may have experienced scenes in first-person previously, we will have the chance to experience them in a different way.

Fifteen years have passed since the deep-space freighter Nostromo disappeared with all hands. And for fifteen years, Amanda Ripley has scoured the known universe for information about her mother, Ellen Ripley, the Nostromo’s warrant officer. When representatives from the Weyland-Yutani Corporation approach Amanda with news that the Nostromo’s flight recorder has finally been found and brought to the space station Sevastopol, Amanda joins the Company’s expedition to the remote outpost. But when Amanda reaches the station, she walks into a living nightmare: Sevastopol’s inhabitants have been terrorized, hunted, and brought to the brink of annihilation. Now she and a band of unprepared – and perhaps untrustworthy – survivors will have to confront the same diabolical species that changed her mother’s fate forever.

Alien: Isolation Digital Series

With Alien celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, I think this is a fantastic way to celebrate.

With Aliens: Resistance, Aliens: Rescue, Alien: Isolation Book(due later this year), Alien: Echo, Alien: Blackout and this Digital series; What are your thoughts on 20th Century Fox uniting different forms of media to tell the Story of the Alien Universe?


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