Joe Petagno, artist well known for his Motorhead album covers remembers being involved in the concept design process for the Facehugger when H R Giger was not around at Shepperton.  Artwork revealed itself to be utilise the design that would be near enough be used in the final film but hisversion of the Facehugger on Kane’s […]

-WARNING SPOILERS FOR BLADE RUNNER 2049- Remember to follow or subscribe to Studio Yutani on Twitch Or like and subscribe to us on YouTube You can find Michael Scuderi aka Hyperdyne at You can find @traviandesigns Connor Coulson aka Android at Footnotes Blade Runner Prequel Shorts Nowhere to Run 2048 Black Out 2022 Nexus Dawn 2036 Trailer for Velvet […]

Pi Pi Shells 1. Ancylocerapina The Ancylocerapina were a coretra suborder of ammonitea, evidently related to the sub-order Lypouatina Fig Y Half Shell Fig X Open Sleeve Fig Z Innards Cavity 2. Fig Y Half Shell 3. Fig X Open Sleeve 4. Fig Z Innards Cavity Information from Wikipedia: Paphies australis or pipi (from the […]