Souta Dry – Alien: Isolation

Aspen Beer company was registered in 2008, so when Creative Assembly we’re creating assets for the game they either had to seek permission or improvise. This leads them to make a new beer brand.

Its graphics are reminiscent of the Japanese war flag with its rising sun, it could also be a parody on the winged sun logo which made an appearance on the Aspen Beer in Alien (1979).

Aspen Beer appears in Alien(1979) and The Last Supper, the viral short for Alien: Covenant(2017), image C/O Whatcculture

Alien beer was called Aspen. We had to come up with our own for Alien: Isolation, so we called it ‘Souta’ (Japanese for ‘smoothly, suddenly).

Dion, Alien Isolation Writer at Creative Assembly

Credit: Screenshots by Phillip Wlodarczyk and Alicia May Eckford. Translation assistance: Mitch Mitchell.

Information source: Dani Campitelli, Creative Assembly.