Facehugger process video

After a bit of an absence Dane shares his process video on creating a facehugger. With his movie coming out soon called Rancour, he promises more Alien goodness as long as we help support his film in return.

That’s not much of an ask and I think his film Rancour would be well worth watching. I had the liberty of reading the script and pitch before it was filmed, and it definitely has Lovecraftian roots and horror, along with suspense and family drama.

Hey FB land! I have been super busy with a project of my own so I apologise for not being around. 
Here’s a process video of some Alien art set to one of my all-time favourite tracks.
I got some stuff coming up, so in the interest of maintaining… interest, I propose a trade – I’ll keep the Alien stuff coming if you support the upcoming film I directed… More on that in the next few days. 
Thanks for the support, one and all!

You’re now moving into directing yourself. Can you tell us about Rancour, its story, your approach and why it’s something that will connect with audiences?

We’ve all experienced the unresolved complexities of strained relationships. The rot thriving beneath the persiflage of familial exchanges, the secret destruction of shame and self-loathing flourishing in the shadows of unmet expectations. These are themes that are not only personal to me, but it’s an aspect of life I suspect is familiar to everyone.
Rancour is an exploration of self-loathing, the visceral grip it keeps on us and the noxious fallout that results from getting lost in our own personal hell.
The world in which our story takes place is unapologetically disgusting. It’s a slimy, densely textured body horror film – but our story does not revolve around all that. The repulsive underbelly is an illustrative tool, a metaphor for us to inhabit and examine the heavy themes of familial expectations, the impact of addictions and the true face of our shame breeding secrets.
Before I give too much away, I’ll defer to the official synopsis: A mother reaches out to her estranged son in a last-ditch effort to convince him to farewell his father, but we soon discover that the wayward scion is lost in the grip of something far more visceral than paternal rebellion. Something malignant…

Dane Hallett: Local Concept Artist Draws a Path to Writing/Directing
by Dov Kornits, September 24, 2018

This movie is just the first in a 3 picture deal his production company Idea Garage has with Crypt TV.

Tell us about Crypt TV and the nature of the 3-picture deal?
My co-producer John (Marshy) Marsh and I run a production company together called Idea Garage. A few years ago, Marshy directed a short film that played at the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival called Darkness Comes, starring David ‘Wolfman’ Williams. At the festival, our flick caught the eye of Craig Blair, an LA-based producer who turned out to be a great friend and now an IG team member. Once he’d read Rancour and officially came aboard he knew exactly where it would flourish and suggested Crypt TV. Once I investigated the platform I immediately resonated with the studio and recognised its trajectory. Then I saw the heavyweights behind it (Jack Davis, Eli Roth, and Jason Blum) and knew I couldn’t be in better hands. Craig negotiated the deal with them which basically says that if my directorial debut fares as well as we all hope with the audience, the studio will back us for a few more rounds. Fingers crossed!!!

Dane Hallett: Local Concept Artist Draws a Path to Writing/Directing
by Dov Kornits, September 24, 2018

So stay tuned for more Alien and more of Dane’s work!

Coming soon to Crypt TV. An ideagarage & ESP Films production. Written & Directed by Dane Hallett – Artist Page Creature Effects by Odd Studio