The 3 Fates of Shaw Revealed

The character of Shaw underwent many directions before the script was finalised. Having been killed off screen has lead us to wonder what became of our heroine from Prometheus.

A script released through AVP Galaxy revealed that in The Crossing she had been strangled by David as the Dreadnought approached the Engineer City, unaware David had been manipulating her and playing the long game just as he did with his father Sir peter Weyland. Now murdering his mother figure, Elizabeth Shaw in a big to free himself from his creators.

They stand for a moment, these last two survivors, hand in
hand — the amazing spectacle below and around them.
Then he looks at her. His expression perfectly calm, set.
Is it what you imagined?
So much more. So much more.
It’s good to see you cry.
She glances at him .. What?
So suddenly–
He reaches up and brutally–
Snaps her neck.
She falls. Dead.
He looms over her.
“To what do you aspire” is the
correct grammar, by the way.
Then he turns his attention to the magnificent world at his
He seems to grow larger as he stares down. Like a man finally
stepping into his righteous destriny.
And all the clever simulations of humanness fade from his
features. He has no need of them now. He can just be himself.
His eyes are glacial as he stares down at the world at his
“Better to rein in Hell, then serve
in Heaven.”

Paradise (Prologue) Script – Opening scenes of an early Alien: Covenant draft by John Logan. This would eventually form the basis for The Crossing viral. Dated August 6, 2015.
Elizabeth Shaw preserved, Michael Fassbender could not act with the eyes open, so during filming he had the practical effects team shut them.

Elizabeth Shaw didn’t die in the crash,” she (Daniels) said flatly.  “No.” There was a tinge of reminiscence in his (David’s) voice, but not regret. “We had been through a great deal together. As a consequence, I held her in the utmost respect. But eventually, that was lost to time and necessity. I kept her alive for quite a while. I like to think that was another testament to my creativity, although she might have disagreed. She was my most beautiful subject.

“Until now of course… 

Alien: Covenant by Alan Dean Foster pg.281-282

As revealed in an early script described by Carlos Huante, Elizabeth Shaw was alive and hiding from David in the engineer city, after their arrival helping the Covenant crew.

In the first version of what was called Paradise/Prometheus 2, Shaw was alive. They find her and she’s been hiding from David the whole time and she helps them escape. I told Ridley, my wife and mother-in-law, who are strong characters themselves, they loved the Shaw character and the actress (Noomi Rapace) more than any other characters in the film and they’re not science fiction people, but they liked the film because of Noomi. I think it was a studio call as to why she didn’t return. What a shame.
So in the first version of Covenant called Paradise, she was hiding in the catacombs from David under the city and the story was that on her trip to the home-world she got lonely and she had David hanging outside the ship, she didn’t want anything to do with him. But she still had to talk to him. Eventually, she ends up bringing his body in and reattaching him as they become friends during this trip. He ends up having affection for her in a friendship way.
So they end up going to the city and that’s when David looks at her and tells that story ‘Do you trust me, do you trust that I love you and everything I’m going to do from this point on is because of you and that’s all to protect you’…she looks at him and says ‘Okay, yes I do’ so then he turns around and kills all the Engineers on the planet. It’s his own twisted way of vengeance for her, he kills the planet. She is like ‘Hey, I wanted to talk to these people’ but too late the whole planet is polluted now and everyone on the planet dies.

Carlos Huante, HNE Interview By Christopher Marc -February 26, 2019