Flora: Latex Reeds


Latex Reeds

1. Use of Local: Naturally occurring latex and silks for restraint and restriction

2. Latex and silks for restraint and restriction

3. Local flora latex and silks

I have identified these reeds as Typha, an aquatic and semi aquatic plant. It was probably selected because of its phallic shape, not to mention its properties as its flower is unisex. Its seeds are dispersed by the wind and can survive long periods of time in the soil, flourishing in fluctuating temperatures which is quite typical of most wetland plant species. Even dead stalks can still transfer oxgen to its roots, making it some sort of zombie plant. Also known to be agressive against other native species, the cat tail which has also had a hybridised species introduced are problematic to regions in north America. The only way to exterminate it is by mowing it and burning the stalks, then submerging the area in water for long periods of time.

If there was any parallel to relate to the Xenomorph, the hybridisation and its resilience, this plant would definitely be it.

Unused concept Art depicting the use of Latex Reeds

Photograph of Cat Tail Reeds by James DeMers
Scientific classification


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