Alien goes to Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo

On March 23rd 11:00am you will be able to catch a screening of the 4 Alien Anniversary Short Films.

What I really enjoy about the promotional images for this is how much they call back to the other films in the franchise, despite the shorts wholly focusing on the aesthetics and themes of the first film.

Alone – Prometheus

I find it funny because Milburn didn’t know his enemy, yet in this piece of advertising for Alone there’s a hint that the character may be aware of what they are going up against. Or perhaps not?

Milburn is attacked by the Hammerpede

Harvest – Alien: Resurrection

We did see this set up as promotional material for Alien: Covenant, but film wise it reminds me of how close Ripley 8 came to the Newborn and how she was examined and studied by it. The Newborn now possessing eyes, which previous incarnations did not and seeing a human(clone) for the first time.

The Newborn studies Ripley 8

Night Shift – Aliens

This scene indeed gave me a fright in Aliens, even though it was a dream. And then in the following movie Alien 3 having her nightmare become a reality was too much for Ripley to bear, she wanted to end it all. This teaser image for the short looks very real, as in NOT a dream or perhaps a living nightmare.

Ripley has a nightmare of being impregnated with the Alien

Containment – Alien

I have seen this sort of image played out in Alien: Covenant as well when Karin is behind Ledward when the Backburster begins to birth. That blood splatter hitting Lambert in Alien and her reaction was exactly how many cinema goers reacted to the scene. Here in this teaser image for Containment you can see that the Weyland Crew Wings is exactly like Lambert’s and how the crew wings are portrayed in Alien: Isolation as well.

Lambert is splattered in blood

Did you get to watch the Alien short films? What did you think? Which was your favourite?

I can’t wait to see them myself.