Dane reveals a secret Alien Project

By Dane Hallett

2019 marks the 40yr anniversary of Alien first gracing the silver screen. As such, I’ve been invited to contribute to a few cool projects here and there (one for the good folks over at Titan Publishing again – but you’ll have to wait until they’re ready to reveal exactly what).

Producing all these paintings put me in the mood to organise a little something to thank you guys for your support and so in the weeks leading up to ‘Alien day’, I’ll post links to a limited collection of free, high resolution, alternate Alien poster image files I produced for you to download and use as you wish. 
They are yours to share, download, print and enjoy – just do me the honour of crediting me for my work where possible. 

Each link will be posted randomly and only be active for a few hours, so watch this space and be quick! 

These are massive files, finished to the same level I would if I was submitting them to a studio/agency. Both lossless TIFFs and hi-res JPGs will be included at sizes big enough to be printed at A0 and still retain perfect quality.

If I ever see you, I’ll gladly sign/deface them but unfortunately, my life is a little too hectic to accommodate any kind of postage requests, so please don’t ask. 

Disclaimer – If you try to sell them, Disney/Fox are pretty hard on those unlawfully profiting from their franchises (personally, I don’t care) so **beware**!!!

From the bottom of my chest bursting heart, thanks for the support!

Here’s print variant No.01.



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