Alien: Containment

Alien: Containment is the claustrophobic stuff of nightmares we’ve come to expect from the beloved Alien franchise. Four Weyland-Yutani employees, WARD, NASS, ALBRECHT, and MILLS, are stranded aboard the life boat of their now decimated ship, and must struggle to keep their sanity after barely escaping a mysterious “outbreak.” But of course, any one of them could have been exposed, or worse, be a carrier. Alien Containment was written and directed by Chris Reading.


As the survivors of the “outbreak” begin to spiral downward, Nass fully snaps. Accusing the injured survivor on life support of being the one who is infected, he draws a knife from his pocket and moves to kill him in his sleep. Ward intercedes, pleading for him to calm down and reassess the situation, but Nass grabs her by the throat and shoves her aside.

But before the death blow can be delivered, Nass starts to choke. He collapses onto the floor of the shuttle, convulsing and throwing up blood. Ward screams for Albrecht’s  help, but Albrecht is clearly a company woman, and exits into the corridor, sealing the other three inside.

As the chestburster erupts from its host, Ward looks on in horror, Albrecht in awe. “That’s incredible,” Albrecht says as the gore and retching can be heard off-screen. Albrecht refuses to open the door in order to keep the beast contained. But when the rescue ship rocks the shuttle, Albrecht falls onto the door module and is subsequently pinned between the open door and portal. Ward seizes her opportunity to escape, stepping over her fallen shipmates and into the corridor. As the newborn xenomorph claws away at Albrecht’s face, the last survivor scribes “DO NOT OPEN” in blood across the escape pod’s window panel

There is a brief post-credits scene in which the crew member on life-support Mills awakens to the gruesome sight of the host victim’s mangled body. His eyes widen in terror, and he takes a deep breath out of his respirator.