Prometheus by Minute 62

Make sure you head to for Prometheus by Minute

In which I discuss Janek and Vickers, hair and rant about the most baffling moment in the entire film.

Prometheus-by-Minute, Episode 62

2 thoughts on “Prometheus by Minute 62

  1. Hi! I’ve been following your posts for a few months now – I’ve been an avid Alien universe fan since the original movie came out.
    Just noticing that the posts labeled Prometheus-by-Minute NN do not show up when I click on them in my email. The link goes to the Yutani website, but only the legend Prometheus-by-Minute NN shows up. There is no associate artwork, which is what I’m used to seeing. I’ve tried this on two different email clients that point to two different browsers for the links, and get the same results. Other link have shown up just fine. Wanted to be sure you were aware.

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