Studio Yutani Unofficial Annual Alien Day Giveaway

Disclaimer We are in no way affiliated with 20th Century Fox or its subsidiaries.  ALIEN © 2019 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved. Property of Fox.

But what we are is a group of fans who love the Alien Franchise and would like to make the fandom a better place by embracing art of radical kindness.

All money raised in conjunction with Tee Public Sales, or Sales of Winged Sun Lapel Pins fund our community projects and are directed at supporting the creative community and artistic fandom through our Artists Guild, donations from Patreon support our Blog, Podcast and other community ventures.

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What do you love about Alien?
Which prize in our annual giveaway do you want most? And why?

This year for Alien Day we have had kind donations from:

And our site founder @muthur9000 has splurged a little to spread some love of the Alien Universe.

Here’s what we have in store to give away. More updates regularly, make sure you subscribe to stay up to date!

Signed Concept Art Posters by Ev Shipard

Signed Concept Art Posters by Ev Shipard

Generously donated by Emily Vertullo

Xenomorph Patch by Megzie
Xenomorph Pin by Megzie
A gift from @muthur9000
Posters by Dane Hallett
A gift from @muthur9000
A gift from @muthur9000
A gift from @muthur9000
Angry Old Alien Signed by Tristan Jones
Generously donated by Perfect Organism Podcast
Please consider supporting their podcast by listening, rating or subscribing to their Patreon.
A gift from @muthur9000
Generously donated by Alex White
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Generously donated by Benjamin Scotford

9 thoughts on “Studio Yutani Unofficial Annual Alien Day Giveaway

  1. Thanks Muthur9000 for making this happen! Just makes it that much more fun to be an Alien fan!

  2. Thank you for this great initiative and for contributing so much positivity to the alien community. Alien is a big part of my life and being able to interact with people who share that passion and also don’t dismiss people who have deviant opinions on what they like means a lot to me. Studio Yutani does exactly that.

  3. What do you love about Alien?
    Love the story, love characters and the Alien. Love the horror and mistery og the movie.

    Which prize in our annual giveaway do you want most? And why?
    I would like a figure or poster. Well anything is good, I live in South America , and it is very difficult to get something about Alien , so when I get an item , book, poster ,figure, it is like winning lottery.
    Happy Alien Day !!!

  4. What I love about Alien is the production quality and atmosphere present in the films, particularly the Ridley Scott directed ones. And also how fun it is to be an Alien fan with a great community of people and lots of fun content for us to enjoy.
    The prize i’d most like to win is Dane Hallet’s egg/facehugger Alien poster.

  5. While the atmosphere, environments, and the depth of the world they portray contribute greatly to making Alien stand above other sci-fi horror, the design of the Xenomorph itself was what initially caught my imagination as a kid and is still at the top of the list.

    Neca manages to consistently capture the gracile form of the creature, so the figure is initially what I would have picked – however, I don’t have a copy of The Cold Forge yet, and a signed copy would be amazing!

  6. Query__ What do you love about Alien?

    Everything! It’s a particularly special series for me as I’ve watched all the films for the first time with my Mother. She made me a special version of Alien on Betamax with the birth scene cut out that I watched religiously in the 90s. It will always be my perfect franchise, for both me & my family.

    Query__Which prize in our annual giveaway do you want most? And why?

    I’m very much looking forward to reading the Cold Forge. I was reluctant to get it because of how bleak it sounded, but the universally positive reviews keep coming in, now it’s on my must-read list. Other than that, anything from Covenant as I’m a huge fan!

  7. What i love about Alien is the creature itself, the atmosphere and all of the imagination put into every movie even if some of them aren’t as good as the Ridley Scott directed ones, they still hold a speciale place in My heart.

    The prize i would like the most would be the signed copy of the cold forge,
    even tho the signed xenomorph print comes close second.

  8. What do you love about Alien?
    There is so much I love about the Aliens universe its difficult to pick out one thing. The strength of Ellen Ripley, the attention given to detailing the world and flesh out the look of the technology, the menacing unstoppable Xeno and the memories and feelings from seeing the film for the first time as a child. I was terrified, exhilarated, spooked. For the next week I ran to my bed room every night and leaped into bed so big chap wouldn’t reach out and grab me from the shadows.

    Which prize in our annual giveaway do you want most? And why?
    So many great prizes here, thank you for putting this all together. I guess if I could pick id go with the Dane Hallet Big Chap Poster it’s such a great image of the big boy, I love it >> Megan Allison Patch would fit perfectly below my LV426 patch my synthwave vest. But really anything would be awesome.

    Thanks again for spicing up 4/26!

  9. I love Alien so much!. My all time favorite movie and arguably one of the best horror movies ever made. My and my girlfriend are moving into our first rental house together and I’d love some Alien poster to put on the walls (if she lets me)!

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