Original and International Posters Continued

When a movie is released internationally, the artwork and style is usually different from country to country. In some cases they stick to the original artwork but translate all the text on the poster like on the Norwegian poster. But in most cases they tend to create new artwork to promote the film. its very similar to the way that studios tend to change the artwork when a film gets re-released. As John Alvin put it,”Right now, the video market is kind of doing what the international market did some years back. And that is, they’re justifying their own graphic existence. And instead of staying with a branding kind of, so something’s the same, they’ll justify their own existence by creating entirely new work for a product that is familiar that they want people to respond to and they’ll market it quite separately.”

Polish Poster, 1982
Spanish Poster, 1982
Norwegian Poster, 1982
Australian Poster, 1982
Japanese Poster, 1982

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