Alien: Alone


Alien: Alone is a sort of “Captain’s Log” short, which is mostly narrated by the ship’s lone occupant, Hope, who has been isolated on the crumbling vessel for an entire year. She spends her days drawing pictures, counting the metal workings in the corridors, and other monotonous tasks. However, there remains one area on the ship that our protagonist cannot gain access to. But when a power surge disrupts the ships security parameters, she is then able to investigate what lies behind the sealed door, and the unexpected company that lies within. Alien Alone is written and directed by Noah Miller.


It becomes clear that Hope is in fact an android (there is one part in particular where she can be seen running in place, akin to Ash in the 1979 original). Unfortunately, just like the ship she is trapped on, she is beginning to break down. After a small fire breaks out from an electrical surge, the security lock on the door to the restricted sector becomes compromised. This then allows Hope to force her way inside.

Once through, Hope discovers the remains of a research facility. Lab pots and test tubes are strewn about, and she then comes upon a type of cryo stasis pod that indicates there is in fact a live specimen inside. She then revives a frozen face-hugger which tries to latch on and impregnate the potential host. But given that she is an android, and thus not a viable womb, the parasite scurries away.

Over the following days (weeks even), the face-hugger appears to warm to Hope, becoming more and more bold as it stalks her movements about the ship. The android and face-hugger seem to form a special bond, but both the robot and alien are approaching their shelf date. Given that the face-hugger is well past its time in its current life cycle, the android decides that she will do whatever it takes to ensure her companion completes its reproductive process.

Hope then puts the ship’s remaining power into a boosted distress call. When the unfortunate rescue crew finally boards the vessel, Hope lies in wait for her moment to strike. Once the boarding party member is subdued, the dying face-hugger crawls slowly towards its host and Hope forces it onto the victim.

Hope sits and waits for the impregnation process to complete. Once awake, the victim pleads for her to open the sealed door, but she refuses. A chestburster then erupts from the host’s body, and the android looks on as her companion alien grows into the beautiful beast we know and love.