Alien: Harvest

Alien: Harvest puts us right into the thick of things from its opening shot. Four crew members walk cautiously down a ship’s corridors, a lone motion tracker at the ready. One of the four is pregnant with a child, only adding to the urgency of the scene. The four move about the ship in an attempt to reach an escape pod before the ship’s countdown reaches zero, but something lurking in the bowels of the ship has different plans for the helpless crew. Trust no one. Alien Harvest is directed by Benjamin Howdeshell.


(Crew member 1) is the first to meet his maker at the hands of the Xenomorph after he takes the tracker away from (Crew member 4), insisting she is reading the tracker incorrectly. (Crew member 2) is later snatched by the leg through an open doorway, and his pregnant wife (crew member 3) proceeds to chop his leg off with a utility axe in order to free him. The two women refuse to leave their injured comrade and shoulder him with great effort. The three finally manage to reach an escape pod, but it appears to only fit two. (Crew member 4) nobly offers herself up so that the married/expecting couple can escape together with their baby, strapping the two into their chairs. As she turns to exit, (crew member 3) notices there is an ovomorph nestled into the back of the escape pod. Her eyes widen in horror as the bony fingers of a face-hugger fumble their way out of the fleshy pod. A malicious grin grows across (crew member 4)’s face right before she is impaled from behind by the Xenomorph’s barbed tail. White fluid bursts from her mouth, revealing she is secretly an android with orders from Weyland-Yutani. The face hugger latches onto the (crew member 2)’s face, and (crew member 3) screams in horror.

We then see an exterior shot of the escape pod floating through space, and the onscreen text reads (something along the lines of) “Crew: 2 – expected rendezvous with WY pickup vessel: 21 hours.”

There is a reason why this particular short isn’t dropping until Alien Day 2019. It’s (in this writer’s opinion) the best one. The setting has the perfect blend of Alien and Aliens with its tension building race against time coupled with the classic motion tracker beeping that made Cameron’s sequel so terrifying. This short is the perfect organism.