This afternoon (12pm Melbourne Time) please join me on Twitch as I interview Devan Gill the mind behind Olethros. We talk about his comic and the prequels, his process of creation and the ideas behind his sequential releases. See Olethros now at Make sure you follow me on Twitch, see you there! We […]

This Alien Day @officerjoek9 thought it would be a great idea for all of us to share why we love Alien. Here is a collection from the various Yutani Social Medias, Friends of Studio Yutani and those affiliated… How I got into Alien is a bit of a long story….when I was kid I really […]

Alex White has created an immersive piece of music to accompany chapter 7 of his Alien novel, The Cold Forge. This composition encapsulates the impending danger and urgency of the situation Blue and Marcus finds themselves in, with the help of Dick who endeavours to distract Blue from the task at hand enough to not […]

Dane Hallett has been dropping teasers for a rumoured announcement, by sharing posters created in celebration of Alien’s 40th Anniversary. Now Titan Books has announced through Bloody Disgusting a new art book featuring art from 40 different artists to celebrate as well. “Alien: 40 Years, 40 Artists” is an artistic tribute to the sci-fi horror masterpiece Alien. […]