Unofficial Alien Day Giveaway Winners

To find out the Unofficial Alien Day Giveaway Winners head to

Watch the giveaway on or on YouTube

Thank you to everyone that donated and participated, I hope you had an amazing Alien Day!

One thought on “Unofficial Alien Day Giveaway Winners

  1. Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you so very much for making Alien Day 2019 so much fun MU/TH/UR (Clara)! You truly are so very awesome! Thank You also to everyone in this awesome Alien community! You’re all so very special to me! I hope everyone had a great Alien Day on this very special 40th anniversary year! Stay Frosty everyone! Your fellow traveler and very honored and humble Yutani Hive member,
    Lady Anne ^^ΓΆ^^ (Jessica M. Kandal, PhD)

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