Make sure you head to for Episode 63 In which I am joined again by MUTHUR, AKA Clara of Studio Yutani to discuss the beginnings of the most infamous scene of the film.FootnotesAdvanced SE Suit. (n.d.). Retrieved from concept art. (n.d.). Retrieved from Prometheus-by-Minute, Episode 63

There’s been a lot of buzz after Cinemacon with Emma Watts saying It is really where it all started…it’s where Disney and Fox will continue to move forward as one united company. Both HNE and AvP Galaxy covered the news with more detail stating that Alien still remains in development after the acquisition. Disney presented […]

Millenia ago a splinter group of Engineers broke their ancient covenant and committed the greatest sin: they stole the divine equation of creation in an attempt to usurp the Gods. The black pathogen was their greatest triumph but for their arrogance the Gods cursed those rebellious ones and turned their creation against them, spawning demons […]