Creatives: Taylor Lyons, Hope from Alien Alone | Studio Yutani

Taylor Lyons joins me in our first Creative interview Livecast, questions I asked were written by Page Admin Luis Lopez. Alien: Alone was Directed by Noah Robert Miller who we will be interviewing soon.

Taylor as Hope on the set of Alien: Alone, photo c/o
Noah Robert Miller

Alien: Alone was one of my favourites of the short films because of the story about Hope and how she bonded with a Facehugger; and what Isolation out in the big black could do to a synthetic tasked with the care of humans and the station. Taylor was following my posts on Instagram and I thought I’d ask to interview her about her role and what her experience was like acting in the short film.

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Make sure you follow her on instagram @tayllyo to keep up with her future projects. Thanks for the chat Taylor, it was so much fun to talk to you and I am so happy about your Android contribution to the Alien Universe which I love.

And here’s some neat posts about the practical facehugger made by Raptor House FX, make sure you follow them on Instagram too @raptorhousefx