I commissioned Елена Саморядова to draw a piece for Studio Yutani, with no specific design concept except it is for our TeePublic store. This was the lovely design they came up with. Elena Samoryadova is an artist Illustrator from Khabarovsk, Russia. She specialises in drawing animals and fantasy. Here’s some of their Alien inspired pieces […]

Yutani Page Admin Ozymandias created these three pieces for our Yutani TeePublic Store. In the Alien Covenant director’s audio commentary, Sir Ridley Scott describes the Engineer Civilisation as “the gardeners of space”. They seed life, that’s what they do. This I believe is what inspired me to create these designs, especially the multicoloured “galaxy” variation. […]

Encapsulating the theme of LV 223, Devan’s design utilises different aspects of the Prometheus Planet. Combining the tail of the Xenomorph cradling the Juggernaut, encompassing the skeletal structure of an android and rising above its centre a star. Devan has generously donated this design to our Yutani TeePublic Store. Olethros is an upcoming 13-issue webcomic […]