Analysing Alien 40 Years On, Alien Script By Dan O’Bannon Page 51-70

Join us tomorrow at 3pm Melbourne Time/1pm Perth Time for the continuation of live reading and analysis of the Alien Script by Dan O’Bannon.

On Twitch or posted later on YouTube

I will be joined by Syntax (Connor from Prometheus-by-Minute) @traviandesigns . We will be reading through the original script and discussing the differences and changes compared to the movie we received and also what unused concepts have been used in the sequels and prequels.

If you have missed previous episodes, catch up here:

If you’re following at home you can download your own copy of the script from AvP Galaxy here

Make sure you come back to the blog later for footnotes on this episode.


  • The Octopus like creature for the Alien
Broussard with the alien on his face and datastick slung over his shoulder.
  • The Trilobite from Prometheus.
Trilobite concept art by Neville Page, more info on the Trilobite here
  • The pyramid concept art for the original script.
A drawing by designer Ron Cobb from ‘Alien’.
  • Head room in Prometheus with Engineer language on the walls and Urns.
  • Facehugger in Urn, concept art by H.R.Giger.

Urn Concept art by H.R.Giger
  • Prometheus Urn
  • Kane with Facehugger, in the script it is Broussard that is attacked by the Octopus Alien.
Motes in Ledward’s Ear Canal
  • Vloggers attempt to eat a live octopus backfires.(bad idea)