“It’s what I choose to believe.”

I love this analysis of the movie, a definite worthwhile read. Thanks to @wormriderlv223 for the link.

Video Ut Intellectum

At first, faith doesn’t seem to come off very well in Prometheus (Scott, 2012).  The film portrays faith as merely an arbitrary choice.  If there is no evidence, then how do you know there is a God?  You simply choose to believe it, says the main character Elizabeth in a line repeated several times throughout the film.  This is the sort of blind faith atheists often accuse believers of having.

But things are not quite that simple.  Elizabeth chooses to believe that the cave paintings she has found are an “invitation” to visit an alien planet and to meet those responsible for the origin of human life on earth – the aliens she refers to as “the Engineers”.  The other characters are not convinced.  How does she know there will be anything on the planet when they arrive?  But Elizabeth chooses to believe.  And she’s right.  Her faith is…

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