It must evolve, Ridley talks about the future of the Alien Franchise

It has been, what seems like a long wait to get any news on the continuation of the Alien series of Prequels. There’s been talk of the franchise continuing under new ownership of Disney, announced at Cinema con.

Disney’s presentation notably did not include Star Wars: Episode IXAvatar II and other marquee properties, though the studio did showcase upcoming blockbusters such as Avengers: Endgame and The Lion King while also reportedly screening the first 17 minutes of Toy Story 4. Additionally, Disney confirmed that Dark Phoenix would be the last entry in the primary X-Men film franchise and that theatrical continuations of the Alien and Planet of the Apes series are likely.

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Sketch and watercolour by Stephane Levallois, story board artist for Alien: Covenant

Ruminating on the immediate future of the Alien franchise, now that Disney has acquired 21st Century Fox, Scott confirms that there are discussions for future installments, but warns that if the basic premise of “the beast” does not evolve like the Xenomorph itself, the “joke” gets old.
“You get to the point when you say, ‘Okay, it’s dead in the water,’” he says. “I think Alien vs. Predator was a daft idea. And I’m not sure it did very well or not, I don’t know. But it somehow brought down the beast. And I said to them, ‘Listen, you can resurrect this, but we have to go back to scratch and go to a prequel, if you like.’ So we go to Prometheus, which was not bad actually. But you know, there’s no alien in it, except the baby at the end that showed, itself, the possibility. I mean, it had the silhouette of an alien, right? The alien [origin concept] is uniquely attached to Mother Nature. It simply comes off a wood beetle that will lay eggs inside some unsuspecting insect. And in so doing, the form of the egg will become the host for this new creature. That’s hideous. But that was what it was. And you can’t keep repeating that because the joke gets boring.”
Scott admires the tenacity of another enduring sci-fi franchise, Star Trek, in comparison.
“When I watched Captain Kirk 50 years ago thinking, ‘Who the hell’s that guy? That guy really knows what he’s doing,’ I have to admit I paid great attention to Kirk and his cohorts,” he says. “So here we are, 50 years later, god bless them, they’ve kept that alive and kept going through its evolution. But it’s harder to keep the beast going for that long. I think it’s just tough. The joke wears out. Once you’ve seen it twice, three times, it’s no longer frightening.”
Inexorably tied to the Alien franchise for 40 years now, Scott insists that pushing a fresh take and not overly rehashing the nostalgic may just be the key to maintaining multiple life cycles in the future. “Go on, leave that behind, and see where it can evolve,” he declares. “So we’re looking where we’re going to evolve.”

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Considering there’s been talk from Emma Watts and Ridley Scott that there will be a continuation, only time will tell if Alien will evolve to be the silver screen presence it has always been or something more.

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  1. I agree with Scott. “Nostalgia is the enemy of science (progress).”

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