This information is sourced from a Road Show article. Speaking of vehicles, a designer from the Swedish truck company Volvo, has recently discovered some of Syd Meads’ drawings. Apparently, Mead had worked for Volvo at one point and did this series of drawings for them. Though what they were going to be used for is […]

In a conversation with Dr Brad Tucker, consultant Astrophysicist and Cosmologist for Alien: Covenant; we discussed how we’d measure FTL travel. In Aliens(1986) LV426 is 39 lightyears from Earth, making it 11.9575 parsecs or 229266389554160.7mi (1203414349800000km). For the sake of measurement in the Alien Universe using imperial I will continue in miles. It takes the […]

In an interview with Variety, Ridley Scott is revealed to have a third Alien Prequel film in script phase. “Alien” made $105 million worldwide back in 1979 — the adjusted gross is $283.5 million — and spawned three sequels, two crossovers with the “Predator” franchise, and two prequels, 2012’s “Prometheus” and 2017’s “Alien: Covenant,” both […]