Ridley Scott set to make another Alien Prequel

In an interview with Variety, Ridley Scott is revealed to have a third Alien Prequel film in script phase.

“Alien” made $105 million worldwide back in 1979 — the adjusted gross is $283.5 million — and spawned three sequels, two crossovers with the “Predator” franchise, and two prequels, 2012’s “Prometheus” and 2017’s “Alien: Covenant,” both directed by Scott. A third prequel, which he will direct, is in the script phase.

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This is further along than previously revealed as he’s spoken about evolving the franchise in a different direction.

Having been here before (soon after Alien: Covenant) with the Directors commentary revealing a story is already being worked on and knowing pre-production had started straight after Covenant wrapped. I am still personally uncertain. Yes the Fox Acquisition is finalised, Alien Day was a resounding success. But I’ve seen films pulled before. I just hope Ridley Scott’s got enough in him to see the job done. I love his films, if it wasn’t for Prometheus and Covenant I am not sure this blog would exist.

But I remain hopeful, I am ready for whatever fate the Alien Universe will deal us fans.

Thanks to @BarSoapSoup | Alien on LV426 discord for the news.