Syd Meads’ Volvo Truck Drawings Have Been Discovered

This information is sourced from a Road Show article.

Speaking of vehicles, a designer from the Swedish truck company Volvo, has recently discovered some of Syd Meads’ drawings. Apparently, Mead had worked for Volvo at one point and did this series of drawings for them. Though what they were going to be used for is unclear. Maybe it was for a project they were working on at the time or maybe it was a commission. Either way these designs were never used, but someone at the company like the drawings enough to put them on display in their conference room.

Then at some point, Liam Keeting, who is a artist and designer working at Volvo, saw these drawings and recognized there distinct style. So he asked another coworker about the drawings, who confirmed that they were drawn by Syd Mead. He then went through the arduous process of getting permission to share the images online. Which he did get and thanks to him, we now get to see these incredible never before seen drawings.

If you would like to see the rest of these drawings, click here. Also, please give a big thanks to Liam Keeting for sharing these images.