Studio Yutani is heading to ComiCon Melbourne


Comic Con is a major event for pop culture geeks in Melbourne. Cause we don’t have the population for large conventions every weekend, like those held in the US. So an event of this scale and magnitude is very important to the local fan community. Nonetheless, the venue, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre will be abuzz with exhibitors, cosplayers, celebrities and fans. Us. People just like you and I.

Looking forward to sitting on this!

Together this year @muthur9000, Tara Benson and Phillip Wlodarczyk will be giving you Comicon Convention coverage LIVE through Facebook and Twitch.

Phillip Wlodarczyk, is a Toy reviewer from website Hideous Plastic. He will be giving a detailed run down of Collectables found at the convention.

Tara Benson is a pop culture geek and friend of @muthur9000. She’s just returned from JIBCON Rome and AHBL Melbourne, she will talk about her experience at the convention and discuss ways to prepare for a major event. Plus how organisation of events is vital for the enjoyment of convention goers and guests alike.

Melbourne ComiCon Floor Plan
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Guests Announced

Fantasy Authors Astrid Scholte, Isobelle Carmody & Kylie Chan, C.S. Pacat.

Comic Artists TheCHAMBA, Cristian Roux, Stewart McKenny, Wolfgang Bylsma, the Editor-in-Chief of Gestalt, Gary Proudley, Katie Houghton-Ward, Trev Wood, Sacha Bryning, Jake Bartok and Marc Noble, Tom Taylor, Kode aka BossLogic, Wayne Nichols, Louie Joyce, Michel Mulipola, Thomas Campi, Andrew Constant, Al Barrionuevo, Jorge Molina, Carla Wyzgala, Nicola Scott, Dean Rankine.

Jorge Molina

Actors Sam Witwer, Julie Ann Emery, Colton Haynes, Willa Holland, Ricky Whittle, Rick Cosnett, Clare Kramer, Osric Chau, D.B. Woodside, Tricia Helfer, Alexander Calvert, Alberto Rosende and Dominic Sherwood.

Dominic Sherwood

YouTuber’s SMG4 Luke and Kevin.

Cosplayers Astrokerrie and Henchwench, Ivy Doomkitty.

Ivy Doomkitty

WWE Superstar Carmella.

It’s our pleasure to be there this year with the opportunity to interview some of the actors appearing in television shows and movies we love. This is something we are greatly looking forward to, and will be posting our discussions with these celebrity actors and artists in days following the event.


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