Prometheus Colonies

I recently came across this information on the Aliens Legacy forum. I only had a limited amount from the Project Prometheus interactive module, thank goodness this information was taken from the Weyland Industries Site before it was taken down.

I have already made files for some of these already, looks like I have a lot more to go.

Gliese 581D: Unity City

Gliese 581G: Coronado Colony

Gliese 581G.02 Moon: Gedda

Gliese 667 CB: Levon Colony

Gliese 667 CC: Morrison Colony

Gliese 667 CD: Dante Colony

Gliese 876B: Xiwang Colony

Gliese 876C: Chiu Outpost

Gliese 876D: Wan An Outpost

HAT-P-13CM: Zeus Colony

HD 10697BM: Tagg Colony

HD 39091BM: Olympia Colony

HD 85512B: New Earth Colony

HD 86264BM: Statler Colony

HD 202206BM: Henri Gaston Colony

JPG-973C: Tark-Weyland Station

KEPLER 22B: Pozhalujsta Outpost

KOI-87.01: Vanderaart Outpost

KOI-227.01: Hualien Colony

KOI-252.01: September Colony

KOI-255.01: Honshu Colony

KOI-268.01: June Outpost

KOI-314.02: Atlas City

KOI-323.08: Platte

KOI-438.02: Horizon City

KOI-448.02: M’Toa Colony

KOI-463.01: Hera City

KOI-494.01: Angkor Colony

KOI-571.02: Corinth Colony

KOI-610.01: May Outpost

KOI-663.02: Lutetia Colony

KOI-701.03: December Outpost

KOI-723.06: Kareti

KOI-736.01: Davos Colony

KOI-784.01: Dylan City

KOI-812.02: Craft City

KOI-812.03: Ruby Colony

KOI-817.01: Brahms Colony

KOI-854.01: Luther Colony

KOI-898.03: February Outpost

KOI-899.03: Echo Outpost

KOI-947.01: Pelican Colony

KOI-952.03: Huan Ying Colony

KOI-1361.01: Blue Jay Colony

KOI-1404.01: Archimedes Colony

KOI-1422.02: Tzu-Chi City

KOI-1430.03: Ute Colony

KOI-1686.01: Nightingale Colony

KOI-1739.01: July Outpost

KOI-1871.01: Kahn Outpost

KOI-1876.01: Aires Colony

KOI-1938.01: Sanchez Outpost

KOI-2020.01: January Outpost

KOI-2124.01: Nomrom Colony

KOI-2290.01: Capelli Colony

KOI-2311.01: Hui Outpost

KOI-2410: Themis Outpost

KOI-2418.01: Curzic Colony

KOI-2469.01: October Outpost

KOI-2553.01: K25 Colony

KOI-2626.01: Sevodnya Colony

KOI-2650.01: Gorham Colony

KOI-2770.01: Izvinite Outpost

POL-3191 BB: Coren

POL-3191 CC: Apta

POL-5362: Aires

POL-6362: Jacob-Tellis

KOI-252: September Outpost


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