John R. Mullaney. ALIEN RPG: Vehicles!

More updates about the Alien RPG.

The Nostromo Files


John R. Mullaney shares some eye-poppingly good artwork in relation to his work with Fria Ligan and their ALIEN RPG!

Follow the link for the news from the man in his own eloquent words…

(Of course, you can tell by the featured image I chose for this post that I may be a little prejudiced…  but I doubt it!)

In acknowledgement of the several waves of new followers of The Nostromo Files, some of whom may not know of John, please allow me the pleasure of providing a little info about him to get you started:

APC Cutaway video… Encore! Encore!

Memories of Nostromo: John’s Story

Congrats, John. And Fria Ligan!


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