Analysing Alien 40 Years On, Alien Script By Dan O’Bannon Page 91-110

After a good night’s sleep @muthur9000 continues with her Alien Script Analysis.

You can download a copy of the original Alien script at AvP Galaxy.


  • Hunter(Parker) is in the shaft instead of Standard(Dallas), Standard, Melkonis and Roby are holding the net to catch the Alien.
  • They changed flip flog gate to Iris.
  • Ron Cobb’s Alien Concept Art
  • The Alien gnaws on bones.
  • Faust is trapped in the airlock door and killed, like Faris got her leg caught in the door in Alien: Covenant, or the Engineer is decapitated by the door on LV223 in Prometheus, or Albrecht getting caught in the door in Alien: Containment.
  • The atmosphere in the ship is pressurised like in Aliens.
  • A petcock is a small shut-off valve used to control the flow of liquid or gas. Historically, petcocks were threaded valves controlled by a butterfly handle; modern petcocks are typically ball valves.
  • Roby discusses taking a small portion of the minerals to make sure they have something left to make money after destroying the refinery.
  • There is only 1 lifeboat/1 hypersleep chamber to a whole ship with 6 crew and a cat, bad design.

Thank you everyone for tuning into this series.

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